【Official】Isawa Hot Spring Hotel Hanaisawa -full of hot spring water and smiles, a relaxing accommodation where you will have good memories

Full of hot spring water and smiles, relaxing accommodation where you will have good memories

  • ほてる花いさわ外観

    Welcome to Hotel Hana-Isawa

    Isawa Onsen town, surrounded by a village that grows peaches and grapes. Hotel Hana-Isawa endeavours to provide the best hospitality in which you can enjoy onsen, savour cuisine making the most of its ingredients and relax to your heart’s content.


  • 会場「桃源郷」

    Dining room "Togenkyou"

    Japanese cuisine served in a casual style in a restaurant with tables and chairs.
  • 半個室「花小路」

    The semi-private dining room “Hanakomichi (partitioned seating)”

    The semi-private dining room “Hanakomichi (partitioned seating)” has a high sense of privacy and provides a moment of elegance.
  • 個室「花料亭」

    Private dining room "karyoutei"

    In a restaurant with private rooms (for up to 4 people) equipped with “hori-kotatsu (low heated table with legroom built into the floor)”, we promise you a special moment with each of the Kaiseki Ryori dishes.


A Japanese atmosphere that gently soothes the heart.

  • Facilities TV / Telephone / Hot water kettle / Refrigerator / Hairdryer / Tea set / Toilet with Washlet (toilet seat with bidet functions) / Towel / Bath towel / Yukata (light Japanese kimono worn as a bath robe) / Slippers
    Amenities Shower gel / Shampoo / Conditioner / Facial wash / Toothbrush set / Razor / Comb / Brush / Tea set
    Check-in 14:00 (Last check-in: 24:00, Last check-in for dinner: 19:30)
    Check-out 11:00


Relaxing time passes in the wafting steam

    • 星宵の湯
    • 星宵の湯
    • 月宵の湯
    • 月宵の湯

    Open air bath

    The large volume of Hana-Isawa onsen that we are proud of comes from a source within the property.
    There are two types of rotemburo: gentle and strong.
    • あふれいでの湯
    • あふれいでの湯
    • わきいでの湯
    • わきいでの湯

    Large Public Bath

    The onsen that continuously overflows from the bath tub is a proprietary onsen known for its very soft properties. It has a refreshing effect and you can also expect a good effect on skin. The large public bath has glass walls and is full of a feeling of liberation. Please enjoy the onsen, the pride of Hana-Isawa.
    • ほのぼの湯
    • ほのぼの湯
    • ほのぼの湯
    • ほのぼの湯

    Private family bath “Honobono Yu”

    Guests can use this free of charge for 50 minutes at a time. Please let us know at check-in if you would like to use this as usage is on a first-come, first-served basis.
    It can be used from 14:00 – 23:00 and by up to 3 people.
    This is a barrier-free facility equipped with a disabled toilet.
    *Please note that this may not be available during peak seasons.
  • Properties Alkaline Simple Onsen / Temperate low tonicity spring
    Ailments Chronic joint or muscle rheumatism / Neuralgia / Locomotor disorders of bones and joints, etc./Neuritis / Post-treatment care for Traumatic disorders / Relief of fatigue
    Amenities Hairdryer / Liquid soap / Shower gel / Shampoo / Toothbrush set / Razor / Comb / Towel / Bath towel / Yukata (light Japanese kimono worn as a bath robe)
    Bathing times Open-air baths and Large public bath
    14:00 - 02:00 / 04:00 – 10:00 (men's and women's baths are switched)
    *No bathing between 02:00 – 04:00 due to cleaning work.

    Private family bath
    14:00-23:00 (free of charge for 50 minutes per use / limited to the first 9 couples)


Please take care when coming to the hotel.